The Griddy Awards

The Griddy Awards were held for the first time in 2007, at the Indianapolis Colts® practice facilities and pavillion in Indianapolis. Although it was the first year, the concept started well before that first event.

Indiana High School Football authority Paul Condry and his team at the Indiana Football Digest as well as Regional Radio Sports Network collaborated with the Colts organization as well High School coaches to create a celebration of Indiana High School Football once per year. This event would become the Oscars® or ESPY’s® of football in Indiana.

Each year, over 400 attendees to this banquet and award ceremony gather together to recognize the best players, coaches, and media representatives in Indiana High School Football. These award recipients are chosen after a panel of media and coaches review over 18,000 varsity players in Indiana.

Football in Indiana is the passion of student athletes and their families, communities and schools from North to South and East to West. The sport has been played in Indiana since the 1880’s and the Griddy Awards carries on the tradition of recognizing the importance of the team sport of football in Indiana High Schools.

Paul Condry and his award winning team at Indiana Football Digest and Regional Radio Sports Network work diligently throughout the year gathering statistics, sportscasting games, and traveling to all 317 Indiana High School’s which have a football program.
Paul Condry meets every coach and their key players during his visits to the school Gathering profiles on some of Indiana’s premiere players is all part of the job of Indiana Football Digest. This information is seen by thousands in the annual publication of the Indiana Football Digest each Summer prior to the new season.

After the season is well underway and by December, the Griddys team members, including RRSN staff, IFD staff, The Indianapolis Colts, and High School coaches from around the state all weigh in on selecting the award winners. Invitations are sent out in January of the new year and the event is planned prior to April each year.

Players, coaches, and media members who support Indiana High School football are eligible to receive a Griddy. Although many players may demonstrate on-field skills and stats, this is not the primary criteria for consideration. While the formula isn’t always an exact science based on stats or a computer data analysis, it does include invaluable qualifications like character, community involvment, team leadership, and a plethora of other non-skill related assets.

A typical evaluation of a player would include interviewing all coaches in a conference who compile a listing of players in their area which they believe are set apart… not only including their own schools, but those they compete against. In addition, the players who would be considered must have made at least two All-State teams.

Awards are given for many different categories, but the Prime-Time 25 showcase the state’s top juniors who will be entering their senior year. These Prime-Time 25 are usually on the watch list of several colleges and it is common that colleges send recruiters to this prestigious event to meet some of these elite juniors.

Griddy Awards will be given in the following categories.

  • State Finalist Honor Roll (Champions/Runner Up)
  • Coach of the Year (Class 1A-6A)
  • Offensive Coordinator of the Year (All Classes)
  • Defensive Coordinator of the Year (All Classes)
  • Big School All-State Honors (Class 4A-6A)
  • Small School All-State Honors (Class 1A-3A)
  • Prime-Time 25 Player (For next year’s cover of the Indiana Football Digest)
  • Badge of Courage
  • Lifetime Achievement (associated with FB in some way)
  • Excellence in Football Media
  • Player of the Year (Class 1A-6A)

In all, over 130 awards are presented each year to those who are nominated.

  • 2 p.m. at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center
  • Over 400 participants
  • Photo Session/Video Interviews
  • Banquet meal
  • Guest Speaker
  • Video Clips of Prime-Time 25 players
  • Awards Presentation
  • College recruiters (varies)

The details of the day’s events are provided in a keepsake program given to everyone in attendance.